PAMM is the Percentage Allocation Management Module, which is one of the most popular tools used by brokers.
In the world of Forex traders, the master traders became the masters with the smaller and retail traders becoming their followers. This is because smaller traders look forward to enhanced business performance. ValueBit offers a solution to help small and retail traders who expect to copy the trades of master traders and make profits.
Our solution is PAMM. This is a module that helps smaller traders copy the trades done by top traders. A powerful option given by this tool is the ability to allot money in proportion to the trades done by master traders. This is a good option that allows small traders to make money.

How does it work?

A Master Forex Trader can handle multiple accounts belonging to other traders in an easy and effective way. This managed account feature allows the master traders to fix the proportion that can be used by individual traders who want to copy trades of the master trader. Effectively what happens is that when a master trader makes a trade, the trade is automatically placed for all the other traders.

Benefits for master forex traders

• Master traders now get additional options to earn revenue. PAMM allows them to utilize their skills and abilities to make profitable trades and earn money from other traders when profits are made.

• Master traders can charge a joining fee. The amount charged would depend on the skills and performance of the master trader. A master trader known for excellent performance can charge a higher fee. Those who pay the fee can be connected to the master trader’s account.

• Master traders can also use the option of a recurring fee. This is a fee that can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. The fee is charged by the master traders for managing the accounts of the smaller and retail traders.

• Another option that many master traders adopt is a profit sharing deal. Depending on whether a trade makes profits or not, a share in the profit is paid to the master trader. Most traders will love this option as they pay only if a profit is made.