MT 5 Manager allows you to start Forex brokerage at the lowest possible cost. The low cost Forex software is a boon for small brokers who can start their operations incurring the lowest costs. As their operations grow, they can scale it up easily and conveniently.
Manager is a platform that is referred to as generic white label. If you want to start an online forex trading brokerage, then the first step to take is to get a Manager platform. Some people are of the opinion that the Manager is nothing but a white label provider’s manager account that is used to run a B book forex business. Some people also feel that this is a risky option since it could be shutdown at any time.
ValueBit have redefined the Manager platform. We ask our clients to take the Manager platform and use the liquidity connection to conveniently forward their book risk. If you are a Manager user, then you have options like:

• Setting client leverage.
• Stop out level.
• Margin call level.
• Contract sizes.

FOREX Manager

A partnership with a MT 5 license holder gives you legal protection. You will get access to a hybrid forex solution and you can use to grow your business. Manager users working under a reputed broker and those having a license are welcome.

Forex Manager

• Manager offers access to various symbols.
• Whether it is Gold, Indian rupee, Euro, or Singapore dollar you can get the data feed.
• With Manager, you can get access to all this easily.
• Even jwellery stores & exchange offices can use the Manager platform to get local prices.
• Manager solution can be the best solution for local brokers as well as IBs.
• It has most of the functions and features of platforms.

We can give you a platform user guide with the low price Manager solution. Fill the form to contact us now.