MAMM is the Multi Account Trader Application that is part of the MT 5 terminal. The solution was designed for brokerages so that it can be offered to money managers and professional traders. This enables them to get a trading tool where they can trade from a master account and operate multi MT 5 accounts.

Features of MAMM

• Login to one MT 5 terminal.

• Display the trades in an easy tree structure.

• MT 5 integration with Meta Quotes.

• Allocate trades to multiple sub accounts in a convenient way.

• It is embedded in the native MT 5 terminal.

• It can run on any number of accounts.

• Individual sub account trades can be closed.

Advantages of MAMM

• Helpful in increasing trading volumes.
• Gives full control to brokers who can oversee manager activities.
• It is easy and quick to deploy.
• The interface is user-friendly and highly intuitive in nature.

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