DMA (Direct Market Access) Liquidity solutions is essentially a network of prime brokers, Tier-1 banks, hedge funds and DCMs. All of them are inter-connected to form a pool of liquidity that can be used for trading.
DMA, until recently was available only for large institutions and involved large trade volumes with deposit requirements. It offered 100:1 leverage. DMA liquidity is made possible by the partnership between MT5 brokerage and a few Tier-1 that includes banks, large hedge funds, and financial institutions.
This interconnection is done through the bridge directly from the trading platform. The requirements for deposit and trading size are less. Leverage of up to 300:1 can be provided.

DMA Pricing

The trading server is behind a price aggregation engine. This makes it possible to receive market prices from the connected banks. The engine ensures the best bid and the best ask would be selected. These are then posted on the trading server. This would ensure you get the lowest forex spread among all the providers. It is possible to even get a 0 pip spread, which is beneficial.

Absence of conflict of interest

All the DMA trades are executed at the exchanges or banks and hence we are not involved in the trade execution. This ensures there is no conflict of interest and we only get a fixed fee for every lot.

Liquidity is increased

This is specially designed for brokers and financial institutions. All the solutions are offered as a single product. This is a unique combination that allows all the partners to become STP brokers. PrimeECN offers liquidity that is enhanced allowing brokers to leverage different sources.

Client management

Broker and institutional client management is offered through solutions that include:

• Seamless liquidity connectivity.

• Real execution through STP.

• Data feed with live prices.


• Expanding the current business to new financial markets.

• Offering new solutions to retail brokers.

• A chance of becoming a key player in the global market.

• Premium options for risk management.